Logbook Servicing

Having your new car undergo regular servicing by a reputable auto repairer is often a requisite for maintaining your vehicle's warranty, and preserving the peace of mind that comes with a new car. Many auto dealers will try to convince you that these services must be conducted by their own service department, but you can save yourself the hassle and added expense of taking your vehicle all the way back to the dealer and have the team at Burnie Exhaust & Service Centre conduct your new vehicle's logbook services.

We're able to conduct logbook services on a wide range of vehicles, from conventional petrol and diesel passenger cars to 4x4 and light commercial vehicles. If you need a logbook service for your vehicle, contact us for a booking today.

Brake Repair & Servicing

Your vehicle's brakes are your most important safety feature, but like all parts of your vehicle they are susceptible to wear and tear. Neglecting your brakes for too long can affect your vehicle's stopping power and result in increased tyre wear.

At Burnie Exhaust & Service Centre we can repair or replace all components of your brakes, from replacing worn brake pads to discs and drums, including the machining of custom parts specially tailored for your vehicle. If you think your vehicle might have braking trouble, contact us today for an inspection.

Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble changing gears while on the road, or if you notice strange noises or smells from the front of the car, it could be an issue with your vehicle's drive train. Problems with your vehicle's transmission can become expensive to repair if they go unchecked, so let the technicians at Burnie Exhaust & Service Centre check your drivetrain as soon as possible.

We can inspect the whole drive train for problems, including clutches, driveshafts, and manual or automatic transmissions, as well as machine new flywheels for all makes and models of car. Contact us if you'd like to know more about our drivetrain services.

Steering & Suspension

The health of your vehicle's steering and suspension systems are intrinsic to your vehicle's overall handling and ride comfort. Wear and tear in your suspension system can result in body roll through turns, making it difficult to keep control of your vehicle and compounding handling issues resulting from poorly maintained steering systems.

Our team can repair and replace your steering and suspension components, fitting replacement parts from our wide range of suppliers including Pedders, Monroe, Gabriel, Bilstein and KYB. We can also conduct tyre fittings and wheel alignments, eliminating play in your vehicle's steering and improving your vehicle's handling on the road. To find out more about how we can improve your vehicle's handling, contact us today.

Radiator & Cooling

Keeping your engine cool is an essential part of maintaining an engine's performance. An overheating engine can result in cracks developing in your vehicle's head gasket, or warping of the engine's cylinders among other problems, resulting in expensive engine repairs.

We're able to check your cooling system for problems, from leaks and cracks in the vehicle's cabling and seals to damage to the radiator unit, and arrange for repairs to keep your vehicle's engine cool and operating at full performance. Contact us if you'd like to organise an inspection of your vehicle's cooling system.

Engine Repairs

Trouble with your vehicle's engine can range from minor drops in your engine's power output to major interior damage that can put your car off the road entirely. These issues range just as much in terms of expense as well, with some engine repairs reaching bills in the thousands of dollars. That's why it's important to have your vehicle checked out by qualified mechanics as soon as possible if you suspect engine trouble.

We're able to conduct a range of services to optimise engine performance, from replacing damaged timing belts and cracked head gaskets to cleaning and maintaining your vehicle's fuel injectors, maximising your vehicle's fuel efficiency and drawing out the greatest amount of power possible from your engine. To have your engine inspected for problems before they develop, make a booking today by contacting us.

Auto-Electrical & Diagnostics

With cars becoming more and more sophisticated, having a properly functioning system of wiring to connect your vehicle's various electrical systems is vital to modern driving. Likewise, having issues with your vehicle's electrics can result in more serious problems going unnoticed, a loss of systems in your vehicle, or even issues starting your vehicle.

Our team is equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools, allowing us to locate and repair faults in your vehicle's electrical systems. We're also able to fit, repair and replace faulty starter motors and alternators, helping your vehicle start right every time, as well as stock and fit a wide range of batteries for all makes and models of vehicle. To learn more about what we can do for your vehicle's electrics, contact us today for a booking.

Additional Services

In addition to our more conventional workshop services, we also offer free safety checks before major trips, roadside assistance and towing services if you're left stranded on the road, and trade sales to get the best deals on replacement parts.

Find out more about what services we offer by contacting us today.

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